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Smith Garden

39 Sally Harden Road

Wantage, NJ 07461

Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 11 a.m.

Smith Garden

Tom Smith, one of our newest members, is the owner of Garden State Koi and Aquatic Center in Warwick, NY. Those of you who have ever gone to Springfest will remember the fantastic water gardens built on site by Garden State Koi, and we are thrilled to be invited to visit his home garden. Tom, his wife Nancy, and their three daughters have lived at this address in Wantage for 12 years. There were no water features when they moved in and only a few hostas. Now, there are four different water features located on the property, surrounded by hundreds of hostas. The main pond is a ‘swimming pond’ that uses special filtration to keep the water pristine. They host many groups and events at their home and if you bring your bathing suit, Tom invites you to swim with his koi. The fish are used to swimming with his guests and enjoy the company! (NO, we are not joking!)

Whether you bring a bathing suit or not, please bring a chair, your lunch, a dessert to share, and a plant or two for the Beverages and paper goods will be provided.

Directions to Smith's


Directions to Smith’s from most points in New Jersey (If you are traveling from elsewhere, please use MapQuest or your GPS.)

  • Take I-80 West in New Jersey toward the Delaware Water Gap
  • Merge onto NJ-15 North via Exit 34B toward Jefferson/Sparta
  • Go almost 14 miles and make a RIGHT onto White Lake Rd (.5 mile past Houses Corner Rd)
  • Turn RIGHT onto NJ-94 and proceed for 5.13 miles
  • Turn LEFT onto Beaver Run Rd/County Hwy 661
  • Take the first RIGHT onto Grumm Rd/County Hwy 673
  • Grumm Rd/County Hwy 673 becomes Blair Rd
  • Turn LEFT onto Rte 23 and proceed for 3.26 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto E. Main St/NJ 284. Continue on NJ 284.(First Baptist Church is on the right).
  • Proceed for 2.83 miles
  • Turn LEFT onto Sally Harden Rd
  • Park on the grass in front of the house

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