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How to Set Your Adobe Acrobat Reader on the PC for Two-Page Viewing

For best viewing of this newsletter PDF file on a PC, please set your Adobe Reader to display Two-Page View or on older versions, Facing Page View. See how below.

1. Open the current newsletter in Adobe Reader

2. Go to the Menu Bar

3. On the Menu Bar click View

4. On the View drop-down box click Page Display

5. Check off Two Page View and Show Cover in Two Page View

This will give you a two-page view for all interior pages of the newsletter. The first and last page should appear seperatly as one page.

These settings or similiar settings should allow you to view the interior pages side by side. Here is what a two-page centerfold would look like.
Keep in mind that everyone will most likely be using a different version of Acrobat Reader, so the settings may be slightly different.
For example, the old version of Adobe Reader 6 called the two-page view, Facing Page
Feel free to test all of the various settings out but the Two-Page View lets you read the newletter like a magazine.

Hope this helps!


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